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Birthday on Tue 28 Mar, 2017
Right now our server is closed off to the public. 

If you sign up you will be filled it about when the server is opening and possible can get into the server earlier. 

You may still donate if you would like and when we open the server we will make sure that you get your rank.

We are expecting to open up the server after 1.8 if its any sooner you guys will know. 

Thanks Guys,
                Sincerely , 
                          Docters of Minecraft

Donations and Ranks

Docter_OctoPus a posted Sep 3, 11
Premium ($5 USD):
  • Fly mod allowed: I recommend the zombe fly mod, which you can download here.
  • Teleporting: You can learn how to teleport by going here.
  • Display Name Change: Ask a staff for a name change in-game.
  • Item spawning: You can learn to spawn items here.
  • Setting of Warps: Learn to set warp here. NOTE! MAKE SURE THE WARP ISN'T TAKEN BEFORE SETTING IT!!
  • Free Advertising of your city/town: Learn commands here.
  • Clearing of your own inventory: To clear your inventory type /clear
  • SuperPick Axe: To use SuperPick Axe type //
  • FalseBook: Learn about FalseBook here.
  • Coloured chat: You may use coloured chat by typing colour codes. You may find the colours here.
  • World Edit: Learn about WorldEdit here.
  • Different Coloured name in-game. Ask staff for colour change.
Hello ,
 Here we will go over some rules to join and being in our server.

                  1. No Griefing (If caught griefing you  will be perm. banned)
                  2. No Stealing (Punishment may very)
                  3. Be Polite (Don't start cussing and calling people out for something , If an admin is on we will temp. ban you)
                  4.  No arguing with Staff (Just don't do it)
                  5.  Don't tell a staff member to do something , Ask us. 
                  6.  No advertising of other servers (You will be perm. ban)
Other then those six Rules have fun and do whatever you please. Build , explore , create , anything and everything is welcomed.  

This module is not available
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